MYTV Africa Latest Frequency, Symbol Rate and Installation

MYTV Africa Latest Frequency, Symbol Rate and Installation

MYTV Africa Latest Frequency, Symbol Rate, and Installation Guide

MYTV Africa is a Nigerian Satellite television provider that enables access to a wide array of channels with the aid of the MY TV universal strong decoder. It allows access to both encrypted and un-encrypted channels and has coverage on Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Togo, Zambia, and others.

To receive MYTV Africa Channels, firstly you have to Buy MY TV installation kits at MY TV accredited dealer’s shop nearest to you. You can easily locate the nearest dealer by clicking MYTV NEAREST DEALER LOCATORMy TV. Setup the installation kits. Click here to learn how to set up the kits. Take the dish to the location you want to mount for the signal. Make sure that the dish position is not interfered by any obstacle. The work will be easier using Digital satellite TV tracker.


MYTV Africa Latest Frequency

Frequency: 12.521

Symbol Rate: 30.000

Polarization: H

Position: 16° East

Transponder: Eutelsat 16A

INSTALLATION Procedures Using Digital Satellite TV Tracker

  1. Peel and connect both ends of the coaxial wire to the connectors.
  2. Make sure the inner single copper wire of the coaxial cable is not contacting the outermost tiny wires of the coaxial cable.
  3. Connect the one end of the coaxial cable connector to LNB on the dish and the other connector to the Digital tracker LNB IN port.
  4. Input the frequency: 12.521 and other required information as listed above in the digital tracker.
  5. When you set the digital tracker to Position: 16° east, follow the direction to get to the position.
  6. Immediately you point the Dish LNB in the correct direction the digital tracker will inform you of the signal reception.
  7. Fix the dish hanger/pole on the signal reception area; make sure it’s fixed firmly without shaking because of interference weather condition such as wave or rainfall.
  8. Guard the dish to the hanger/pole with nuts and bolts loosely so that the dish can be rotated and move freely.
  9. Track the signal as did in 2 and 3.
  10. Upon the reception of the signal; guard the dish tightly while holding it firmly without losing the signal. Make sure you tighten the dish nuts and bolts firmly to avoid bad weather interference while watching the channels.
  11. Now disconnect the LNB coaxial cable connected to the digital tracker and run the wire to your living room or any place you want to keep the decoder.


  1. Connect the LNB coaxial wire to the ‘LNB IN’ port at the back of the decoder.
  2. Power ON the decoder and press MENU on the remote controller.
  3. Choose INSTALLATION and press “OK” on the remote and input password (0000) which is a default strong decoder password.
  4. Choose “MANUAL SCAN”.
  5. Scroll on FREQUENCY and press any number on the remote.
  6. Choose “NEW”
  7. Input this frequency 12.521
  8. Scroll down to SYMBOL RATE which is next to the frequency.
  9. Input this symbol rate 30.000 and the two signal lines beneath or on top of your television screen depending on your strong decoder model will turn from red color to green color.
  10. Go to POLARIZATION and toggle between V and H if the signal quality and strength didn’t turn to green color.
  11. After the signal lines must have changed to the green color, press “OK” on the remote.
  12. Enjoy viewing MYTV channels.


In this method, it’s almost the same procedure with the above method, but in this method, you must keep a television in a visible area with the decoder connected to it.

  1. Do steps 12 to 19 as in digital tracker procedure above.
  2. Smartphone with Compass can make this method very easy, just find 16° East using smart phone’s compass app and point the LNB exactly the direction and lift up the dish slowly until the signal strength and quality bar change to green color.
  3. Do step 10 as in digital tracker procedure above.
  4. Run the coaxial cable to the place you want to keep the decoder and connect everything and start watching.

If you got confused in this method just follow the INSTALLATION PROCEDURES USING DIGITAL TRACKER, but you need TV and strong Decoder instead of digital satellite TV tracker which is a little costly.

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      1. I have been using free to air Chanel but now I want to subscribe to watch new Chanel’s, please I need the symbol rate and frequency to watch other Chanel apart from free to are,,, please sir,

          1. thank you sir, but I used the frequency above and symbol rate but it showed =joy prime
            Adam TV
            joy news
            fire TV etc,
            and I need new Chanels that are using subscription ,but I was able to get free to air with that frequency and symbol rate, sir help me please thanks

  1. Please I just on my MyTV strong decoder right and unfortunately no channels are showing . Don’t know what to do . And at the down of where it turns from red to green when the signal is strong it’s showing my date to be 2014 . Please I need help

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