Latest 2017 GLO Free Browsing With 0.00k – For Phones and PCs

Latest 2017 GLO Free Browsing With 0.00k – For Phones and PCs

GLO Free Browsing With 0.00k – For Phones and PCs

With this configuration that I am about to share, you can browse absolutely free on your android phones and laptop with your GLO SIM. All you need is to download the following apps on your pc and android, then follow the simple steps below for configuration.

APPS to Download                                              

  1. Anonytun (for android)
  2. Pdanet (for android)
  3. Pdanet (for pc)

How to Configure the Anonytun for the free Internet Access on Your Glo Line

  • Run the android Anonytun app.
  • Click on the Stealth Settings and toggle ON.
  • Change the Connection protocol to HTTP.
  • Input 8081 in the Connection Port.


  • Toggle the Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and click ‘EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS’.
  • Input ‘’ in the URL/HOST/
  • Select POST for the Request method.
  • Tick the User-Agent.
  • Click on the GENERATE.



  • Select SAVE.


  • Click on the CONNECT and enjoy on your android phone.

HOW to Configure the Glo free Internet Access on Your Computer

  • When the Anonytun is connected on your android phone, run the Pdanet downloaded in your android.
  • A message will pop up requesting for you to switch ON your android phone debug mode.
  • ON the debug mode.
  • Connect your android phone to your computer using a file transferable USB cable.
  • Draw down your android phone screen to change the USB OPTION to Media device (MTP).
  • Go to your computer and run the already installed Pdanet (for computer).
  • Once the computer Pdanet show connected, you can surf the internet as you like.

NOTE: The android Pdanet will always unmark the ticked ACTIVATE USB MODE once you use 600 mb and will be asking you to get the Pdanet full version, just continue ticking the ACTIVATE USB MODE anytime you exceed the 600mb. This only occurs while using on the computer and does not disconnect the main connection on the android. The Anonytun may also disconnect sometimes because of bad network.

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