Nollywood Comic Actor, Okwy Chukwujekwu Died

Nollywood Comic Actor, Okwy Chukwujekwu Died

Popular Nollywood Comic Actor Okwy Chukwujekwu Known as Main Bossman Died

The death of the popular comic actor Okwy Chukwujekwu, who is popularly known as Main Bossman is still a shocker to his fans and to the lovers of Nollywood in general. The late Okwy was featured in many Nollywood comic videos such as Men of wisdom, Ibu’s burial, adult education. etc.

His death was made known by his close friend Odira Nwobu, who is also a Nollywood actor. Nwobu said he thought it was a joke until he saw his friend carried away by ambulance.

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He further said,

“I do not know what to say and where to start. All i know is that this life is nothing ??? i am scared and still confused?‍
I taught he was just acting for me but not on till BOSS enter ambulance motor going down to NNEWI. May your soul Rest In Peace my friend my brotherly my colleague. I AM SCARED ? I DO NOT KNOW WHO IS NEXT @main_bossman1 @main_bossman1 i wonder how your mother will feel like to hear this sad news. THIS IS NOT A MOVIE ? a small clip of my friend lying dead”.

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