TSTV Africa Frequency & Guides to Watch Channels on Strong Decoders

TSTV Africa Frequency & Guides to Watch Channels on Strong  Decoders

Frequency, Symbol Rate & Guides to Watch TSTV Africa Channels with Strong or Universal Decoders

TSTV Africa is a Nigerian Pay satellite TV Operator which offers Pay as You View (PAYV) subscription; this means your subscription only count when you watch the TSTV channels, unlike other satellite TV providers that wipe your subscription every month even without you watching any of the channels. With TSTV Africa you don’t have to bother yourself whenever there is power supply glitch as usual in the country because your subscription will still be intact for you.

TSTV Africa also offer pause subscription, complimentary internet service, Video call and lots of amazing TV channels with premium entertainment, informative and educative programs that cut across all genres: News, Sports, Music, Religious, Health, Kids, Fashion and Lifestyle channels that better define the uniqueness of Nigeria diverse cultures and traditional values as a people in a single affordable bouquet.

In this post, I will show you how to receive TSTV Africa channels on strong or universal decoder if you follow below guidelines step by step to the last.

Guidelines on How to Receive TSTV Africa Channels on Strong/Universal Decoders

First and foremost before we go into the installation procedures; I assume you have already acquired satellite TV tracking knowledge because you may disorganize an already installed signal if not experienced. Rather you can give it a trial with new decoder and accessories, after all, no knowledge is waste and you won’t lose anything. Let’s now go into the procedures.

  • Set up the decoder and the satellite dish/pan (you can click here and follow all the steps in ‘INSTALLATION Procedures Using Digital Satellite TV Tracker ‘ also read ‘MANUAL INSTALLATION Procedures’ in the same page)MYTV Africa Latest Frequency, Symbol Rate and Installation
  • Use frequency 11.088
  • Symbol Rate 30.000
  • Polarization H
  • Direction east

You must skip the frequency in step 4 on “INSTALLATION Procedures Using Digital Satellite TV Tracker” and replace it with 11.088 and use the symbol rate, polarization, and direction above. Enjoy.

You can get a TSTV dealer in your area here

19 thoughts on “TSTV Africa Frequency & Guides to Watch Channels on Strong Decoders

      1. no I was trying it at west direction I don’t know if it is d right location…and if not please help me wt d location. thanks

          1. the freequenc are not working in east…cos am staying in Nigeria kogi state
            I also try azam TV but the channels are all scramble

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