How to stop airtel from deducting your Credit balance

Airtel Constant Airtime/Credit Deduction

It is no news now that Airtel Nigeria is currently one of the best networks. When it comes to providing both cheap and efficient call and internet services to Nigerians they are considered top.

Airtel offers you calls for as low as 11kobo per second. They also offer double data, however, it is only for only some selected sim.

However, due to constant deductions from the network, I was recently forced to pull away from it.

After several calls, I put to their customer care agent and some minor investigations. I found out the root cause of the problem was a service called “Grooms” for “Men”.

Airtel Binge Gives 1GB @ #350, 2GB @ #500 For Heavy Browsers

If you have seen this message on your phone at any time, it is most likely you are subscribed to this service. You might be experiencing the same deductions I was once experiencing.

So, the simple fix is Simply texting, without the quotes “GROOM STOP” to 38043.

If this current service is not the root cause of your airtel credit deduction problem, dial *902#, select stop services, and see if you have any other service running you are not aware of.

PS After sending that text message above, make sure to receive a confirmation that you have been unsubscribed from the service, as I had to do this many times before I was successful.

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11 thoughts on “How to stop airtel from deducting your Credit balance

  1. This airtel line is now quite annoying, you won’t even use your airtime for anything, and airtel will gradually deduct your airtime to the last. Something should be done about, else, customers will gradually leave the network

  2. So annoying network. Checking my balance everyday and discover they have been deducting from my airtime balance. Upon complaining to them, nothing is done. Thief thief network.

  3. Dial *902# to see all what they have subscribed you to without your knowledge. It will bring up a content service portal asking you to press 1 if you want to enter into any new one, or press 2 if you want to stop any one they subscribed you to without your knowledge or permission.
    When you press 2, you can see the list, and from there you can begin to deactivate them one by one.

    Sorry ma people. Na so we see am O. Enjoy your life.

    1. Honestly Airtel is useless, okay look at what they did. They automatically subscribed me to one of their useless services, soccer2 or something. When they did that I did not have any airtime but they kept on sending me messages like “you don’t have enough balance to subscribe to this service”. I dialed *902# to see if I can unsubscribe but they told me I wasn’t subscribed to any service but kept on sending me that message. Until I loaded airtime and boom they took it and sent me a message that I have successfully subscribed to the service. It was now that *902# showed me a menu to unsubscribe. Can you imagine. Please i need airtel customer care number, I’ve been trying to contact them but it seems that they’ve removed the option of speaking to the customer care

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