MBC West, DSTV, STARTIME, TSTV and Others; Current Frequencies, Symbol Rates, Satelites and Positions

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MBC West, DSTV, STARTIME, TSTV, and Others; Current Frequencies, Symbol Rates, Satellites and Positions

Current frequencies for satellite TV like MBC West, DSTV, TSTV, STARTIMES, MYTV Africa, MULTI TV and others are listed in this post.

The frequencies can be tracked with universal decoders like Strong decoders but officially you cannot be able to subscribe to its pay channels with the universal decoders unless a third party device is employed, but until then you will only have access to the free to air channels except for the like of MYTV Africa which its pay channel can be subscribed and viewed on the strong decoders.


Below Are the List of Current Frequencies, Satellites, Symbol Rates and Positions of Most of the Satellite Televisions

  1. Multi TV
  • Position:2 degrees, East
  • Satelite: Astra 2F
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:12.522 (V) 30.00011.595 (V) 30.000
    11.095 (V) 30.000
    12.675 (H) 30.000
  1. DSTV
  • Position: 36 degrees, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat W4
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.842(V) 27.500
    11.728 (V) 27.500
    11.747 (V) 27.500
    12.245 (H) 27.500
    12.284 (H) 27.500


  • Position: 7 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 7A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    10.720(H) 30.000
    10.929 (H) 30.000
  • Position:9 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 10 A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    12015 (V) 29950
    11.939 (V) 27.500
    11.881 (H) 27.500
  1. TSTV
  • POSITION: 4 degree, West
  • Satelite: ABS3
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.168(H) 30.000
    11.088 (H) 30.000
    11.052 (H) 30.000
  1. MBC West
  • Position: 7 degree, West
  • Satelite: Nilesat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.560(H) 27.500
    11.685 (H) 27.500
    11.475 (H) 27.500


  • Position: 16 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 16A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    10.804(H) 30.000
    12.521 (H) 30.000
    12.563 (H) 30.000
    12.604 (H) 30.000


  • Position: 55 degree, East
  • Satelite: Yahsat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.008(V) 05.000


  • Position: 42 degree, East
  • Satelite: Nigcomsat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    12.518(H) 29.500


  • Position: 22 degree, West
  • Satelite: SES 7/KU
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    10.986(V) 30.000

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  1. Albert M Dilli May 14, 2018 @ 1:52 pm

    Thank for educating us about the installation most especially TSTV. But can i track Tstv here in Taraba state Nigeria now?

  2. Nicely indeed. If would like to have your newsletters please. Keep it up.

  3. landjet malcolm June 18, 2018 @ 9:26 pm

    more tutorial pls

  4. can i track startimes signal with this frequency?

  5. Ageorgy Ja Ugenya July 5, 2018 @ 3:10 pm

    I like your updates keep up

  6. Pls can i track TSTV signal in oke-ode kwara state?

  7. Pls, i need skysport freq!

  8. great work! pls there was power failure during blind scanning of my tstv, I completed the scanning when light was restored but I could not exit the “installation guide page”. I have scanned severally, I found some FTA. but to exit and watch those station, it will take back to installation guide page.
    your advice pls, thanks

  9. I am using Tstv on satelite:Eutelsat w6 symbol rate & frequency 11.087 (v) 29.999, but i not trak the signal now why?

  10. Ok, thanks

  11. Weldon Sir you have tried it’s not easy….but I still want you to throw more light on multiple lnbf on a single pan…am Christopher from Benue….

  12. I need mbc current frequency

  13. What size of dish can I use to track mbc frequency in Ijebuode Ogun State. Thanks.

  14. I want to have all DStv channels on my strong how do I go about it

  15. Can I Track Tstv On Strong Position? Wat Position And Frequency, In Lokoja Kogi State?

  16. How can I use my strong decoder to search for sport channels that shows epl la liga etc

  17. Hello Techcrunch, I am from Bamenda, Cameroon. Please do you have an idea about the FTA satellite settings with which i can receive MBC Action on a 60cm dish. I think most settings that work in Nigeria will easily work well in this part of Cameroon too.

  18. nice job making every thing work at your fingertips keep it up.

  19. pls i’m trying to track mbc but after the blind scan the only channels that come’s up are dstv channels. i used the correct mbc settings to track. what could be the problem

  20. I am new to this site and also novice to acquiring decoder.please, i want to know the best decoder one can use for free to air,where get software for installation and material. I want to do it myself because, the guy i gave #20000 to help me do it until now nothing has been done and guide. thanks

    • You are welcome Mr.James. Strong HD universal decoder is the best for free to air satellite TV in Nigeria. The aspect of you doing it yourself without acquiring the basic practicals/training of satellite TV installation is not possible because the installation work is too technical! Of which a simple coaxial wire error or obstruction can make you track until next 1000 years without getting any signal.

  21. I have a Nokia decoder bought in Saudi arabia..it came with a wide dish but rain have destroyed the dish..pls which dish can I use to revive the decoder..the decoder is still intact but not used for a long time now

    • Is the decoder a universal one, is it customized for a specific channels? If no is the answer, you can use any satellite dish depending on the channels you want to receive.

  22. I also have a qsat decoder used with sim those days..please I want to know if the settings is back to life so I can abandon my gotv

  23. ukanah okelawo Peter October 26, 2018 @ 7:41 am

    Thanks for the update

  24. can we still track tstv on 12593v25000 on 42.5°e .
    I tried but no signal as at today 28 Oct 2018.

  25. Thanks for the update, I want to know if the STARTIME channels are free to air

  26. is tstv not no nigcomsat again

  27. tell me the frequency of tstv on nigcomsat

  28. when i blindscan freg 12518 on nigcomsat i received only few channel ntae,nta sport,bbc foxchannel mama africa channels etc did not come what will i do

  29. my tstv channels gradually disappears why?

  30. You are doing a great job keep it up please i relocated and my dish was removed and i do not know the best satellite to track on my two dish please tell me. i need your reply urgently please because you are the best guru in technology.


  32. I get no signal on this startime freq. 12035 H 27498 in Ghana
    please help.


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