MBC West, DSTV, STARTIME, TSTV and Others; Current Frequencies, Symbol Rates, Satelites and Positions

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MBC West, DSTV, STARTIME, TSTV, and Others; Current Frequencies, Symbol Rates, Satellites and Positions

Current frequencies for satellite TV like MBC West, DSTV, TSTV, STARTIMES, MYTV Africa, MULTI TV and others are listed in this post.

The frequencies can be tracked with universal decoders like Strong decoders but officially you cannot be able to subscribe to its pay channels with the universal decoders unless a third party device is employed, but until then you will only have access to the free to air channels except for the like of MYTV Africa which its pay channel can be subscribed and viewed on the strong decoders.


Below Are the List of Current Frequencies, Satellites, Symbol Rates and Positions of Most of the Satellite Televisions

  1. Multi TV
  • Position:2 degrees, East
  • Satelite: Astra 2F
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:12.522 (V) 30.00011.595 (V) 30.000
    11.095 (V) 30.000
    12.675 (H) 30.000
  1. DSTV
  • Position: 36 degrees, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat W4
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.842(V) 27.500
    11.728 (V) 27.500
    11.747 (V) 27.500
    12.245 (H) 27.500
    12.284 (H) 27.500


  • Position: 7 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 7A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    10.720(H) 30.000
    10.929 (H) 30.000
  • Position:9 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 10 A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    919(H) 27.500
    11.939 (V) 27.500
    11.881 (H) 27.500
  1. TSTV
  • POSITION: 4 degree, West
  • Satelite: ABS3
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.168(H) 30.000
    11.088 (H) 30.000
    11.052 (H) 30.000
  1. MBC West
  • Position: 7 degree, West
  • Satelite: Nilesat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.560(H) 27.500
    11.685 (H) 27.500
    11.475 (H) 27.500


  • Position: 16 degree, East
  • Satelite: Eutelsat 16A
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    10.804(H) 30.000
    12.521 (H) 30.000
    12.563 (H) 30.000
    12.604 (H) 30.000


  • Position: 55 degree, East
  • Satelite: Yahsat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    11.008(V) 05.000


  • Position: 42 degree, East
  • Satelite: Nigcomsat
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    12.518(H) 29.500


  • Position: 22 degree, West
  • Satelite: SES 7/KU
  • Frequencies, Polarizations and Symbol Rates:
    10.986(V) 30.000

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  1. Albert M Dilli May 14, 2018 @ 1:52 pm

    Thank for educating us about the installation most especially TSTV. But can i track Tstv here in Taraba state Nigeria now?

  2. Nicely indeed. If would like to have your newsletters please. Keep it up.

  3. landjet malcolm June 18, 2018 @ 9:26 pm

    more tutorial pls

  4. can i track startimes signal with this frequency?

  5. Ageorgy Ja Ugenya July 5, 2018 @ 3:10 pm

    I like your updates keep up

  6. Pls can i track TSTV signal in oke-ode kwara state?

  7. Pls, i need skysport freq!

  8. great work! pls there was power failure during blind scanning of my tstv, I completed the scanning when light was restored but I could not exit the “installation guide page”. I have scanned severally, I found some FTA. but to exit and watch those station, it will take back to installation guide page.
    your advice pls, thanks


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