How to predict & Win a Bet in BET9JA, NAIRABET, MERRYBET and others

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How to predict & Win a Bet in BET9JA, NAIRABET, MERRYBET, and others

Predict & win all your bet in BET9JA, MERRYRBET, NAIRABET and any other betting platform just by following the simple secret below.

Predicting and winning a football match is one of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes to predicting multiple games or matches. It is easier to predict and win few games but multiple games are required in order to accumulate more odds and more odds accumulated attract more money to be won.

In this post I’m going to show you the little secret of a great and successful football predictor known as Fabulous, (you can make an enquiry about this guy from any youth living in Maryland at Enugu), this guy barely lose his bets, his last huge winning was 18,600,000.00 which was on last December, he has made a lot of good fortune from betting and he travelled to Las Vegas this month to take his betting and gambling skills to the next level.

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Fabulous’s Secret on How to predict & Win

  • Firstly you need to download an app named ‘FotMob’ (Android users can get the app at playstore while IOS users get it at AppStore)
  • After installing the FotMob app, run and signup, choose your favorite football teams to get live news on.
  • Then whenever you want to predict a game for a bet, search for the teams in this app and all the vital information you needed to make good predictions and win will be revealed.
  • Check the current form of both teams by clicking on the ‘’Match Facts’’ you will see the previous six matches played and the outcomes for both teams.
  • Check the outcomes of the last eighteen years previous meetings of both teams by clicking on the ‘Head to Head’, also check the previous scores against each other.
  • Click on the ‘Table’ to know the position of each of the team.
  • Then with this information, you will win all your predictions.
  • Remember chances of ten games bet winning ten million with just hundred Naira is very poor compared to twenty games bet winning the same amount (don’t be too greedy).


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