Stone Age Tools Dug up in Kenya’s Southern Rift Valley

stone age
Stone age tools

Stone Age Tools Dug up in Kenya’s Southern Rift Valley

Stone Age tools dated back to more than one million years was dug up at the southern rift valley of Kenya by team of researchers mining in Olorgesailie; a region in southern Kenya.

The region is an area filled with layers of sediment aged back to over one million years. It’s said that “The oldest stone tools discovered there are characteristic of what’s called the Acheulian culture of the Early Stone Age and consisted mostly of the hand axes”.

The tools recently discovered were sharp and wavy axes which were believed to be designed by the Stone Age humans.

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According to the reporter, “The edges of the axes were wavy, sharp and were shaped like a teardrop, with a rounded end and a pointed eye. They look as if they were used at cutting down branches of trees or piercing up the remains of large animals which had been slaughtered”.


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