Express Wi-Fi app launched by Facebook for cheaper and faster internet connection


Express Wi-Fi app launched by Facebook for cheaper and faster internet connection

Facebook launches a new app named ‘Express Wi-Fi app’ for android mobile phones. The app is meant for the users to be able to find nearby Facebook ultra speed hotspot connections as part of Facebook’s distributed Wi-Fi network.

Users will have to buy data subscription with the app in order to access ultra-speed internet connection through local telecommunication companies; this is to help internet users in developing countries to browse the internet in faster and cheaper rate, unlike costly and sluggish internet connection provided by most telecommunication companies in some of the developing countries.

Facebook made known that this program will be available in five developing countries and it is already ‘’live in Indonesia with bandwidth from telecom partner D-Net, and in Kenya through Surf”.

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How The Express Wi-Fi App Works

Previously, Express Wi-Fi users had to dig out a mobile website, or directly download an app from a telecom that required re-configuring a phone’s settings. There wasn’t any way to look up where hotspots were located. The new Google Play app can be downloaded the normal way. The app can also tell if a user’s Wi-Fi is turned on to help with set up, and they can file reports to Facebook about connectivity or retailer issues.

The express Wi-Fi app can be downloaded by Android users from the Google playstore.


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