Turn Android Mobile Phones to Remote Controllers and Gamepads for Your PC

android mobile phones

Turn Android Mobile Phones to Remote Controllers and Gamepads for Your PC

Android mobile phones are very high utility device that can do unimaginable things and can perform a lot of extended tasks that you can ever think of, years ago when I first purchased an Android mobile phone I was amazed and surprised as well because it seems as if the mobile phone was reading my mind; whatever I imagined doing with a mobile phone I check the Playstore behold I must an app that carry out the task.

Can you imagine of android mobile phones as a remote controller to your PC? Or wireless gamepads for your computer?

Yes, all of the above are possible and simple, you can even control most of your house appliances like televisions and sound systems with Android mobile phones as well as your car, but in this post we are going to focus just on using the android phones as PC remote controllers and wireless gamepads with full functions or even more.

The gamepad functionalities are customizable; you can edit the functions and set them to your desired positions. I don’t have to make a review here let’s proceed to the procedures for making it work.

How to Make Android Mobile Phones Function as Remote Controller and Gamepad

  • Download and install an android app named AIO (all in one) remote Apk from the playstore.
  • Download and install a PC app named AIO (all in one) remote server.
  • Switch ON your PC Bluetooth and run the AIO (all in one) remote server.
  • Run the AIO (all in one) remote app on your android mobile phone.
  • Select a mobile phone connecting to computer icon in the AIO app on your phone.

android mobile phones

  • Click the plus icon on the uppermost right side of your screen.
  • Change ‘Title’ to any desired name.
  • Leave ‘Device Type’ to Computer.
  • Change ‘Connection Type’ to Bluetooth.
  • Select ‘SEARCH’ icon at the middle right side of the screen.
  • Select your PC paired Bluetooth address on your phone.
  • Select ‘APPLY’.
  • Go back to the main menu of the Android AIO remote.
  • Select a mobile phone connecting to computer icon in the AIO app on your phone again.
  • Touch the created title name and a green successful connection notification will pop out.
  • Then move back to the AIO remote main menu and select any desired option, like ‘MOUSE PAD’ to remotely. control your PC or ‘GAMEPAD’ for the wireless gamepad for any computer game in your PC and many other utility functions in the app.


You can edit the gamepad by selecting the ‘EDIT’ key on the gamepad menu then drag and drop the buttons to your desired locations or you can create a new gamepad with a customized functionality by select a plus sign button after selecting the ‘EDIT’ button.

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