See How Girls Were Raped Last Night During Flavour Show

See How Girls Were Raped Last Night During Flavour Show

Yesterday been Easter Sunday, the famous 2nite Flavour decided to show love to his people at Enugu where he grew up by organizing a free show at the popular Okpara Square in the city of Enugu. Little did he knew; as Flavour was busy stressing his mind on how to give his people maximum entertainment, there were some group of bad boys elsewhere planning on an evil act to carry out at the night during the show.

As the show was ongoing; the group of bad boys started raping some girls not respecting the presence of the Enugu state Governor or considering over 100 Policemen and bouncers in the arena, some girls were even raped at the boyfriends watch without doing anything since the massive security men and bouncers were confronted by the group to resist arrest.

The evil act was well planned because the boys wore condoms and raped girls in turn until they bled while the waiting members rounded up the scene as if it was Sodom and Gomorrah.

More than 20 rape cases were allegedly reported at the arena without putting in count the ones committed outside the arena and rumors were circulating that the evil act was caused by the indecent dressing of some girls in the show, but our correspondent said “that’s not true because girls in jean trousers were raped as well, the jean trousers were torn as if the boys had X-Men claws, the jeans were ripped like wet papers, not only that; after raping the girls they made fun with the girls under wears by throwing up the pants and bras”.


The Police announced this morning on the successful arrests of some of the suspected members and claimed ongoing investigations to make sure every member of the groups are put into custody.

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