Npower Finally Releases Names of Successful 2017/2018 Candidates


Finally, the long-awaited list of Npower successful candidates of 2017/2018 set was released early this morning; this was made known through a congratulatory message sent to the qualified candidates through their registered phone numbers.

Candidates who didn’t receive the message or those who have lost their registered phone numbers are advised to visit and log in with their phone number or email to check for their status, those that got the message were to do the same.

However, if you are not among the selected 2017/2018 candidates or didn’t apply for the 2017/2018 session, don’t worry more candidates will be selected on 2018/2019 session all you have to do is to bookmark this site and keep on checking for latest update as you will be informed of the resumption and registration of the 2018/2019 session. Below is the list of available Npower jobs, more jobs might be added for the 2018/2019 session.


List of Available Npower Jobs

  1. Npower Tech, Software: 10,000 selected candidates will be trained as software developers and employed in different industries as App Developers, Computer System Analysts, Game Developers, Systems Software Developers, Software Testers, Trainers or Web Developers.
  2. Npower Tech, Hardware: 10,000 selected candidates will be trained as computer hardware technicians and employed in different industries as Assembly Plant Technicians, Device maintenance, Device network technicians, Device Technicians or Trainers.
  3. Npower Teach: Selected candidates in this category will be trained as teachers and deploy them to various government schools as Professional Teachers,  Researchers, Research Associates, Senior Research Analysts, Education Consultant Associates, Strategy Consultants, Education Services Managers, Project Managers, Project Supervisors or Social services analysts.
  4. Npower TAX: 3700 selected candidates will be trained as Community Tax Liaison Officers and will be employed for the job of Tax Assessor/ Collector, Financial Analyst, Tax Auditor, Legal and Compliance Manager or Accountant in their states of residence with the state’s tax authorities.
  5. Npower Health: Selected candidates will be trained in Health fields and deployed to maternities and hospitals as Health Education Specialist, Health Promotion Coordinator, Public Relations Manager, Breastfeeding Support Coordinator, Health Office Administrator, Health Research Analyst, Social Worker & Counselor, Health Services Manager, Health Department Administrator, Government Policy Analyst, Displaced Persons Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Educator, Project Manager in Public Health, Field Investigator, Research Analyst or Community Health Worker.
  6. Npower Creative: 5000 selected candidates here will be trained in the computer field of Animation, Graphic Design, Post-production or Script Writing and deployed to various industries for the job of Building/Construction Project Management, Animator, Script Writer, Illustrator, Graphics Designer, Sound Editor, Film Editor, Visual Effects Artist, Game Design, Desktop Publishing, Digital Media Publishing or Educational/Training Content Production.
  7. Npower Build: 75,000 selected candidates will be trained in skill jobs such as technicians, artisans, and service professionals and deploy them in various industries to work in Building Services, Construction, Built Environment Services, Utilities, Automotive or Aluminum and Gas.
  8. Npower Agro: Selected candidates will be trained in the agricultural fields and deployed as Agriculture Extension Services Consultant, Seed fertilizer, and other input aggregators, Farm managers, Public sector jobs in agriculture, Farming co-operatives management or Agro-entrepreneurship.

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