See How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message and Other WhatsApp Useful Codes

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Did you got a WhatsApp message notification and you opened your WhatsApp to read the message and saw this, ‘This message has been deleted’, This means that the sender deleted the message before you could read it.

The feature for deleting a WhatsApp message for both participants was recently added by the WhatsApp officials which is quite beneficial when a sender made a mistake or sent a wrong message to the recipient and want to make corrections before the recipient reads it, the sender may also send a disturbing message out of anger and later realize the consequences, the new WhatsApp message deletion feature for both participants can help in a situation like this

But what if a WhatsApp message notification comes from a relative or friend who is in a danger zone and you wanted to read it and found out you cannot be able because it was deleted, will your mind ever be at rest? What if WhatsApp is the only means to interact with the person how will your mind puzzle all day? Don’t worry I am going to show you how to read every deleted WhatsApp message in this post, plus other useful and fun WhatsApp codes you never knew.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Message

  • Go to your android Playstore or click here and download and install an app called “WHATS REMOVED” from the Play store.
  • Go to your WhatsApp and delete the ‘This message has been deleted’ notification.
  • Close your Whatsapp and open the WhatsRemoved app and all your WhatsApp chats will appear, go to the Sender’s profile and the deleted message will be revealed.

How to Add Bold Font to Your Whatsapp Chat

Just add asterisk symbol (*) before and after the words or sentences, e.g. *hello* and send.

How to Add Italic Font in Your Whatsapp Chat

Add the underscore symbol (_) before and after the words or sentences, e.g. _hello_ and send


How to Add Strike Through Line in Your Whatsapp Chat

Add this symbol (~) before and after the words or sentences, e.g. ~hello~ and send.

All the above symbols can be used together, e.g.*_~hello~_*.

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