Legit Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Mining and Investment Companies to Tryout This 2018


As we all know, Bitcoin is the first digital currency Which has more value than any banknote in this earth, Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency in the sense that it is based on a cryptographic system whereby the owner is the manager of his or her own personal account. 

There are many types of crypto-currency such as Etherium, Bitcoin cash and many more just as there are many types of banknotes such as Pounds, EURO, Dollar, etc, but bitcoin is the most valuable and recognized cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin and Other Crypto-Currencies are the most lucrative investment platform in the world global market right now, many millionaires are surfaced around the world on daily basis through Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency trade and investment.

In this post I am going to make short reviews of tested and confirmed crypto-currency mining and investment companies around the world.

List of The Tested Bitcoin and CryptoCryptocurrency Currency Mining and Investment Companies

World Mining (WM)

World Mining (WM) is a Crypto-currency company which specialized in Crypto-currency mining and it is open for miners who have what it takes to mine the crypto-currencies by their selves, such as high-tech and high-speed computer hardware, mining experience, time and steady power supply.

After mining crypto-currencies In World Mining (WM) a certain percentage goes to the system while a specific percentage goes for the miner.

In World Mining (WM) the miners must purchase a hash code to be able to mine for a given time.

Advantages of World Mining (WM) Company

  • With World Mining (WM) company, the miner is in control of his or her cryptocurrency.
  • In World Mining (WM) company, miners can start with as little as $50.
  • You can make extra cryptocurrency here through referral.

Disadvantages of World Mining (WM) Company

  • Cryptocurrency Mining experience is highly needed.
  • High tech computer systems needed (which are very expensive).
  • A lot of time is required which means if you have other jobs, you have to forget about it.
  • Steady power supply needed.
  • If mining for just oneself you will never gain more than you spent.
  • Earning is very low here.

To start mining click www.worldmining.net
Or click https://t.me/WorldMiningOfficial to join the company’s telegram group chat.

Biltextrades Crypto-currency company

Biltextrades is a Crypto-currency investment company which specialized in trading and mining for its clients, here, investors will have to choose between the specified investment plans/packages and the biltextrades company does the mining and trading for the clients and pays out certain return of investment to the investors on weekly or monthly basis depending on the plan chosen, biltextrades company is more for the classic clients who want to earn hugely on weekly or monthly basis.

Advantages of Biltextrades Company

  • Biltextrades company does all the mining and trading for its clients, which means it’s clients don’t have to leave their current jobs in order to partake or earn hugely in the cryptocurrency investment platform.
  • Crypto-currency mining experience is not needed.
  • No expensive high-tech computer systems needed.
  • Investors time is not needed.
  • In biltextrades company, an investor can make millions of dollars within few months depending on the package invested on.
  • You can earn extra cash through referrals.
  • Investors can invest in forex trading here as well.

Disadvantages of Biltextrades

  • Here, your cryptocurrency is being controlled by the company.

For more information on Biltextrades cryptocurrency investment company visit https://m.facebook.com/groups/661480904059133?ref to join the company’s Facebook group chat.


If you’re an experienced cryptocurrency Miner with the required tools, always at home and want to invest little and earn little, the world Mining (WM) is ideal for you. But if you are willing to earn hugely, more than your monthly salary while still retain your initial job, I advise you go for the biltextrades company, that’s to say, World Mining (WM) for Miners and Biltextrades Crypto-currency company for investors. Remember to invest wisely.

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