Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd 2018 Job Vacancies

rig Oil International Services

Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd is inviting the qualified individuals for applications for the below-listed jobs in the company. 

Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd is an Oil & Gas industry which provides Fastest and most reliable upstream oil and gas service in Ghana and beyond.

Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Ltd Available Jobs

  • 2nd Officer.
  • Automation Systems Specialist.
  • Able Bodied (AB).
  • Ballast Control Operator.
  • Barge Administrator.
  • Carpenter
  • Coiled Tubing Operators.
  • Cooking Staff.
  • Coxswains.
  • Crane Operator.
  • Derrickhand.
  • Driller.
  • Drilling Engineers.
  • Dynamic Positioning Operator (MODU).
  • Electricians.
  • Engineers.
  • Equipment Operators.
  • Field Technicians.
  • Geologist.
  • Helicopter Pilot.
  • Instrument Technicians.
  • Maintenance Technicians.
  • Medic.
  • Mechanic.
  • Motorman.
  • Mud Engineer.
  • Offshore Estimators.
  • Offshore Installation Manager (OIM).
  • Offshore Operations Engineer (OOE).
  • Offshore Pipefitters.
  • Offshore Piping Designers.
  • Offshore Rig Engineer.
  • Offshore Safety Coach.
  • Offshore Structural Engineers.
  • Oil/Motorman.
  • Operators.
  • Operations Coordinator (PSTL).
  • Operations Team Leader (OTL).
  • Process Engineer.
  • Production Technicians.
  • Pump Operator.
  • QC Inspectors.
  • Rigging Engineers.
  • Rig Manager or Toolpusher.
  • Roughneck.
  • Roustabout.
  • Scaffolders.
  • Storekeeper.
  • Third Engineer.
  • Welders.
  • Well Head Engineers.
  • Well Services Supervisor.

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 Requirements for the Rig Oil International Services (ROIS) Jobs

  • CV.
  • Medical Reports.
  • Other supporting documents.

The above documents are to be scanned and send to hr.mgr@rigoilinternationalservices.com or hr@rigoilinternationalsevices.com

Interested and qualified candidates can visit www.rigoilinternationalservices.com for more information or join the company’s official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RigoilInternationalServicesRoisLtd/

Or call the company’s enquiry number 0302508602 for more information.


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