Airtel Small Money Big Data Package | Get 7gb @ #1500 | 1.5gb @ #500

Airtel Small Money Big Data Package | Get 7gb @ #1500 | 1.5gb @ #500

Airtel introduces a new data package titled ‘Airtel Small Money Big Data’ in which data prices are reduced to as low as 7gb goes for 1500 Naira only.

This new move will make Airtel the cheapest internet data provider in the country, taking the title away from GLO!

However, the Airtel Data package works for only Airtel Smart Connect tariff plan users, though those in different tariff plans can migrate to the Airtel Smart connect to enjoy this great offer new Airtel SIM Card is preferable as the Smart Connect Package is the Airtel default prepaid plan.

If you are not already an Airtel subscriber, you can simply buy and register a new Airtel Sim Card and follow below guide to enjoy the Small Money Big Data package which is suitable for students and business owners.

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How to Enjoy the Airtel Small Money Big Data Plans

  • Get an Airtel SIM Card (preferably, a new registered SIM).
  • Make sure that your Airtel SIM is on the Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan.
  • Dial *141# and buy any of the below-tabulated Airtel Data plans

GLO Oga SIM Data Bonus | Get 3.5gb @ #1000, 12.5gb @ #2500

Airtel Small Money Big Data Plans and Prices

1.5 Gigabytes 500 Naira
3 Gigabytes 1000 Naira
7 Gigabytes 1500 Naira
11 Gigabytes 2500 Naira

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