MTNN Latest Job Vacancy | See Positions and Application Procedures 

MTNN Latest Job Vacancy | See Positions and Application Procedures 

MTNN is currently recruiting for the positions of Senior Manager, Sales Planning & Analytics in the company’s Lagos, Nigeria branch. 

Requirements for MTN Latest Job Vacancy

  • Applicant must be First Degree certification holder In B Econ/ B Admin/ B Comm / Numeracy Preferred.
  • Applicant must be Fluent In English language and Language Of Country Preferable.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 9-17 Years’ experience.
  • Applicant must have a minimum of 3 years experience in Manager Track Record With At Least 3 Years In Relevant Sector or Industry.
  • An applicant who has worked across diverse cultures and geographies have an added advantage.
  • Applicant must have a minimum of 8 years experience in sales, reporting, planning/analytics.
  • Applicant must have the Minimum education qualification of BA/BEd/BSc/ BTech/HND.

Functions of Senior Manager, Sales Planning & Analytics in MTNN Company

  • This position holder will be responsible for coordinating and measuring effort in order to transform S&D into an intelligence-driven operation through the digitization of channels and also a provision of analytics to guide sales activities and initiatives.
  • Supporting the shareholder return strategy by developing and implementing the division’s processes which are arranged in order to achieve all elements on the business card, such as Growing ICT & Data Revenue, Growing Market Share, Increasing EBITDA Margins, CAPEX Returns Management, Net Subscriber Additions and Assure Revenue.
  • The position holder will be participating in the review of business processes (Headcount, Process Optimisation Etc), in order to motivate efficiency gains To Ensure a minimum of 5% reduction in divisional budget Year-On-Year.
  • Participating In contract negotiations in order to minimize cost and achieve MTNN Value Creation Philosophy.
  • Will be responsible for conducting quarterly return of investment (ROI) analysis on the ‘’Transform’’ S&D Initiative.
  • Serving and providing solutions to MTNN’s customers in order to enhance their experience.
  • Partnering with the company’s critical high-value customers in order to improve the company’s corporate brand.
  • Responsible for developing strategies and representing customer-centric culture across the organization and as well as develop/reform relationships With MTNN’s external and internal customers in order to increase the company’s revenue.

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  • The position holder will be responsible for ensuring an Increase in the company’s net promoter score.
  • Will be involved in the strategic partnerships with the company’s leadership team to create awareness on expected behaviors and influence on non-compliance on bottom-line results and MTNN reputation.
  • Responsible for driving planned strategy for the successful MTN and MTNN transformation initiatives concentrating on the customer centricity which includes ‘Perfect 10 Project’.
  • Partnering with the company’s ecosystem partners in order to deliver business value.
  • Collaborating with different business units in the development of business models for use in MTN and developing measurement strategies in order to support the present strategy development and project optimization.
  • Working with the third-party service providers to unfold adoption and technology platforms usage which enables digitization in the sales operations. 
  • Detecting and emulating best practices in the areas of digitization and transformation of S&D operations from other MTN OPCOs.
  • Responsible for instituting the use of POS, site and street-level analytics in day-to-day operations.
  • Developing and presenting the relevant quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily performance reports and best practices sharing with Inter and intra OPCO.


Apply for MTN Nigeria General Manager, Regional Operations

  • This position holder will be responsible for executing and driving adoption of a trade automation solution making intelligence on POS performance and activities for the sales teams.
  • Analyzing micro and Macey economic trends to guide sales planning across the regions.
  • Defining headroom opportunities for growth based on network investment and other drivers of business performance.
  • “Developing A Framework For Implementing CVM In The Channels Especially Using Intelligence Generated From The VTMs, TAS And Other Sales/POS Management Platforms To Drive Competitive Advantage In The Channels.”
  • The position holder will be responsible for the market intelligence reviewing and competitor insight, then develop approaches for infiltrating the market, based on the existing identified challenges and Trade-Offs of the approaches.
  • “Initiating and driving execution of relevant transformational projects to achieve the set of objectives of becoming A BI-driven sales organization.”

Application Procedures

  • Click here to visit the application portal (don’t be supposed by the on-site music).
  • Input your email and desired password and click on the” Register” button.
  • Follow the on-site guide and mail sent to your e-mail box to complete your application.

Important Notice

The application will close on 27th July 2018.

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