Procedures To Track SES 5 and Eutelsat 7 Satellites With One Lnb

Eutelsat 7 Satellites

In this post, I will give guides on how to easily nail SES 5 and Eutelsat 7 Satellites together with just one Lnb and dish.

This post will as well enlighten most installers who find it difficult to track SES 5 in Ku band.

How To Track SES 5 And Eutelsat 7 Satellites With Single Lnb

SES 5 is the primary satellite in this combination and SES 5 satellite can be received in two different positions with Ku band dish at 28.2° E (Multi TV Position) and South East (Azam TV Direction).

To easily combine SES5 and Eutelsat 7 satellites together, you will have to firstly, nail the SES 5 satellite at South East (Azam TV Direction) then add Eutelsat 7 Frequency and symbol rate.

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Thus, tracking the SES 5 satellite at 28.2°E (Multi TV Position) will give little or no chance of receiving the Eutelsat 7 satellite.

Practical Aspects

Point the Lnb to South East (Azam TV Direction), which is close to the west, It is roughly between 170° and 200° azimuth with Elevation of 82°.

If you are using 60/90 cm offset Satellite dish, just set the elevation pivot bolt at 58° – 60° mark.

Don’t forget, the lower the degree, the higher your dish move.

Finally, to track SES 5 and Eutelsat 7 satellites together with single lnb, just track SES 5 with,

– frequency: 12015

– Polarization: V

– Symbol Rate: 30000
– Frequency: 12034

– Polarization: H

– Symbol Rate: 27500

Ensure the signal is at its highest peak as possible then blindscan and Eutelsat 7 will automatically surface jointly with the SES 5.

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But in the situation whereby Eutelsat 7 didn’t automatically surface, input below Frequency manually.

– Frequency: 10928

– Polarization: H

– Symbol Rate: 30000
– Frequency: 10887

– Polarization: H

– Symbol Rate: 30000

Note: 90 cm dish is the best option for a maximum signal reception, though 60 cm dish is capable of doing the same work.

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