Get 1.2GB Data For #200 And 6GB for #1000 on GLO Special Data Plan

Get 1.2GB Data For #200 And 6GB for #1000 on GLO Special Data Plan

GLO Nigeria is currently giving out 1.2GB data for just 200 Naira on GLO Special Data Plan which was unveiled recently.

The GLO Special Data Plan works for both old and new GLO Nigeria subscribers.
GLO Special Data Plan is good for heavy browsers, it is ideal for downloading, uploading and system updating.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to benefit from this offer, as well as to accumulate up to 6GB data with just 1000 Naira.

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How To Get 1.2GB With #200 On GLO

  • Recharge your GLO SIM with 200 Naira airtime.
  • Dial *777#.
  • Input 1 and send.
  • Input 1 again and send.
  • Input 5 and send.
  • Input 2 and send.
  • Finally, input 1and send.

Immediately, you will receive a successful notification which reads as follows:
“Congrats! You have received 1288 MB for N200-SpecialDataplan. Total remaining volume is 1288 MB. You can also SHARE or GIFT data with your loved ones. Spread happiness dial *777#”

How To Get 6GB Data With #1000 On GLO Special Data Plan

The special data plan is accumulative, in the sense that when the above steps are repeated, more data will be gotten, so with 1000 Naira Airtime, you can get 6GB data when the above steps are repeated five times.

Note: Special Data Plan is valid for 3 days but it’s far better than the Night plans and it is ideal for heavy downloads and browsing.

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