How To Track MoneyGram Transfer Or Payment To Know The Status

Track MoneyGram transfer

This article is going to focus on how to simply track MoneyGram transfer or payment.

The main reason to track MoneyGram transfer or payment is to keep trail and know the status of the transaction.

Before we delve into the MoneyGram fund tracking process I want us to breakdown the two required information for the tracking which is:

  • Authorization Or Reference Number
  • Legal Last Name

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Authorization Or Reference Number

This is a unique number which must be assigned to any MoneyGram transaction for tracking purposes.

If you are the sender of the fund, the Authorization or Reference Number is in the receipt issued to you after a successful transaction, you can as well see this number in the confirmation email you received after the transaction is been submitted.

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If you are the fund receiver you can only get the Authorization or Reference Number from your sender and as a receiver this number is very important because it is not only used for fund tracking, it is required for the fund-pick-up.

Legal Last Name

This is the receiver’s last name filled by the sender.

How Track MoneyGram Transfer Or Payment To Know The Status

  • Click here to visit the MoneyGram fund tracking portal.
  • Input the ‘Authorization or Reference Number’.
  • Input the ‘Legal Last Name’.
    Now click on the ‘Track’ button and you will get a trail of your MoneyGram transaction.

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