Nigerian Based Satellite TV Provider, My TV Africa Now Offers Subscription-Free Service


In order to adapt to challenging market conditions the popular Nigerian Satellite TV provider, My TV Africa is now subscription-FREE.

Because of this, some channels will stop broadcasting on My TV package as of April 1, 2019, while new local and international channels (some of them in HD) will be added gradually.

How Will The My TV Africa’s Subscription-Free Service Work?

My TV channels broadcasting will be completely free of charge on the first 12 months of a first-paired receiver’s life, but a sum payment of two thousand, five hundred (2,500) Naira for Annual Content Delivery Charge (ACDC) is required after a first-paired receiver’s Free Access Period.

Any receiver which is first-paired earlier than March 1, 2019, get at least 12 months of Free Access/Delivery which starts counting from the first pairing date, the first pairing date of any receiver can be checked here.

Prior to this change, My TV Africa promised to compensate any of its subscribers with unused paid credit with My TV FREE Content Delivery Months which will be rounded to the nearest date,

For example, a subscriber with N1,000 in unused paid credit will get it converted into 4.8 months, which will be rounded to 5 months.

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My TV Compliant Receivers

My TV Africa viewers not equipped with My TV-compliant receivers (namely SRT 4940 / 4935 / 4915 / 4675 / 4672) will no longer have access to Al Jazeera, Galaxy TV, Homebase TV, KBS Channel, NTAi, Rave TV, WAP TV, and Wazobia for security reasons, this took effect as of January 1st.

In order to view these channels contact your nearest STRONG dealer.


My TV Africa subscribers are advised to re-scan their receiver’s frequently as new channels will be added gradually while some of the current channels will be terminated.

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