NECO Timetable 2019 For SSCE Exam | Download NECO Timetable PDF

NECO Timetable 2019 For SSCE Exam | Download NECO Timetable PDF

The National Examinations Council, NECO Timetable 2019 for June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) has been released.

The NECO June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) will start on Monday 20th May and end on Friday 12th July 2019.

Below is the NECO Timetable 2019 arranged in tabular form for easy view, requirements and vital information can be found under the timetable in this post.


NECO Timetable 2019 For June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)

Mobile phone users should scroll right or toggle their phone view to landscape to see the complete table.
All empty date and time column implies that the Actual date & time will be fixed by the Council later though the papers must be taken between Monday 20th May and Friday 24th May 2019, so keep on checking this page for actual date and time when fixed by the council.

Date Paper Paper Title And Subject Duration Time
Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May 2071 Paper I: Practical -Physical Education To be determined by the subject demand Actual date & time will be fixed by the Council, check back.
3051 Paper I: Practical -Auto Mechanics 3hrs
3071 Paper I: Practical -Woodwork 3hrs
3081 Paper I: Practical -Home Management 3hrs
3091 Paper I: Practical -Foods and Nutrition 3hrs
4041 Paper I: Performance Test, Music Technology/Alternative 1hr 30mins
4044 Paper IV: Aural Music 50mins
4104 Paper IV: Oral French 1hr
4114 Paper IV: Oral Arabic 1hr 20mins
6011 Paper I: Practical -Auto Body Repair & Spray Painting 3hrs
6021 Paper I: Auto Electrical Work 3hrs
6031 Paper I: Practical -Auto Mechanical Work 3hrs
6051 Paper I: Practical -Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 2hrs
6061 Paper I: Practical -Welding & Fabrication, Engineering Craft Practice 6hrs
6071 Paper I: Practical -Electrical Installation & Maintenance Work 3hrs
6081 Paper I: Practical -Radio, Television and Electronics Work 3hrs
6091 Paper I: Practical -Blocklaying, Bricklaying and Concrete Work 5hrs
6104 Paper IV: Exhibition – Painting and Decoration
6111 Paper I: Practical -Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 5hrs
6121 Paper I: Practical -Machine Woodworking 3hrs
6131 Paper I: Practical -Carpentry and Joinery 4hrs
6141 Paper I: Practical -Furniture Making 3hrs
6151 Paper I: Practical -Upholstery 3hrs
6161 Paper I: Practical -Catering Craft Practice 3hrs
6171 Paper I: Practical -Garment Making 4hrs
6181 Paper I: Practical -Clothing and Textiles 3hrs
6194 Paper IV: Exhibition – Dyeing and Bleaching
6204 Paper IV: Exhibition – Printing Craft Practice
6211 Paper I: Practical -Cosmetology 3hrs
6224 Paper IV: Exhibition – Photography
6254 Paper IV: Exhibition -Leather Goods, Manufacturing and Repair
6301 Paper I: Practical -GSM Maintenance and Repairs 3hrs
6314 Paper IV: Progressive Assessments – Animal Husbandry

Download Full NECO Timetable


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