MyTv Africa 2500 Naira subscription

How To Pay For New MyTv Africa 2500 Naira Subscription

This article will guide you on how to pay for the new MyTv Africa 2500 Naira subscription using your ATM card in the comfort of your home or anywhere.

I previously wrote about MyTv Africa rolling out a new service named ‘SUBSCRIPTION FREE SERVICE’ visit New MyTv Africa Subscription Free Service @ N2500 Yearly to learn more about the MyTv Africa SUBSCRIPTION FREE SERVICE.

Not minding the name; an annual payment of two thousand five hundred Naira, (N2500) is required to enjoy the new MyTv Africa SUBSCRIPTION FREE SERVICE, but this is far better than the previous MyTv Africa subscription rate at five hundred Naira, (N500) on monthly basis because when the math is been done you will find out that the previous subscription rate incurs six thousand Naira, (N6000) annually compared to the new MyTv Africa 2,500 Naira subscription annually.

As many people are still confused on how to pay for the new MyTv Africa 2500 Naira subscription, I decided to make this article to be of guide and help, when below steps are followed properly you can easily and conveniently make the payment with your ATM card while sitting in your home or anywhere.

How To Pay For New MyTv Africa 2500 Naira Subscription Using Your ATM Card

  • Visit
  • Type MyTv in a search box provided.
  • A MyTv Africa logo with ‘MyTv Smart Payment’ will be presented to you.
  • Click on MyTv Africa’s Logo.
  • Input an active email address in the box provided.
  • Input your MyTv Africa Smart Card number in the box provided.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • A new window will load where you will be required to type in your ATM Card details and complete your payment.

NOTE: Make sure you have up to two thousand, five hundred Naira (N2500) or more in the bank account bearing the ATM Card you ought to use; there are other ways of paying for the MyTv Africa subscription such as ePIN, eTRANZACT, Over-The-Counter, Interswitch Quickteller ATM, and through an accredited MyTv dealer.

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