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Some Pay TV Channels Now FTA On Sky TV | BeoutQ 1-10HD sport Back On Satstar S8HD

Some interesting and entertainment Pay TV channels are now free on Europe giant Sky TV package on Astra 2f.

The satellite TV channels feature documentary, reality, and how-to shows based on travel, leisure, food, and cooking.

The Pay TV gone FTA channels can be tracked with below details.

Pay TV Gone FTA Channels On Sky TV Tracking Details

TP: Astra 2f
Position: 28.2° E
Beam: Europe
Frequency: 12383
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 27500


  • Food Network
  • Travel Channel
  • Travel Channel Plus

BeoutQ 1-10HD Sports Channels Is Back

The BeouQ 1 to 10HD Sports Channels are back on Satstar S8HD and S8HD Combo(S2+T2) and can be nailed with below details:

Position: 26° E
Frequency: 11919
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 27500

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  • beOut Q Sports 1 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 2 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 3 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 4 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 5 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 6 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 7 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 8 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 9 HD
  • beOut Q Sports 10 HD

However, this satellite TV will be very difficult to be tracked in the Southern part of Kenya and Nigeria as well, but will be receivable in below-listed countries:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Mali
  • Tunisia
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Niger
  • Chad
  • Ethiopia
  • South Sudan
  • Yemen
  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Western Sahara
  • Greece
  • Mauritania

One thought on “Some Pay TV Channels Now FTA On Sky TV | BeoutQ 1-10HD sport Back On Satstar S8HD

  1. my boss how are you.what’s beinoutq new frequency and symbol rate I lost my signal I live in Gambia. how can I track it.its working still

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