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Dream Soccer League (DSL) 2019 UCL Apk, Obb and Data Download and Installation Guides

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Dream Soccer League (DSL) is one of the best android mobile soccer games which is also among the most downloaded soccer game on the internet.

The 2019 Dream Soccer League (DSL) is UEFA Champions League edition which featured latest players and new beautiful Stadiums, this 2019 version has a lot of thrilling upgrades and features that we will look into in this post,

What’s New In Dream Soccer League (DSL) 2019?

In this latest release of DSL, the game players can customize teams and stadiums of choice to compete for over seven cups in six divisions, Google play achievements & leaderboard is there to display player’s achievements and as well shows global top players ranks which helps to increase playing skills.

Improvements can be seen in the 2019 Dream Soccer League (DSL) UI and graphics which makes the game more realistic while playing, Gareth Bale and Andres Iniesta were the new cover stars.

The commentary was updated and new soundtracks added which makes it feel as if watching life match.

The 2019 UEFA Champion League teams were included in this version of DSL.

New players can be purchased from the transfer market whenever the window is opened.

How to Download Dream Soccer League (DSL) 2019 Apk, Obb and Data Files


How to Install the Dream Soccer League (DSL) 2019 Game

  • After installing the 2019 DSL Apk don’t run the app.
  • Copy the downloaded 2019 DSL Data file and go to the phone file manager or explorer and open ‘Android’ folder and paste the file into the Data folder.
  • Copy the downloaded 2019 DSL Obb file and go to the phone file manager or explorer and open ‘Android’ folder and paste the file into the Obb folder.
  • Now open the 2019 DSL app and enjoy the game.

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          1. what you should do is uninstall the app then copy or cut the data file you would have downloaded and paste it in the file data in the file android in your internal storage.cut or copy the obb file and paste in the file in the obb file contained in the android file of your internal storage. CREATE THE FILE IF NOT CONTAINED IN THE ANDROID FILE IN YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE. Happy gaming

    1. it might be because of their phones’ android version or it might be just an error with the compatibility of the application so for it to play they should download the application on their own mobile devices.

  1. First install and run the game when it shows you that extra file download exist the game then go to file manager android data copy the DLS folder then place it in obb if your phone does not have obb create the folder naming it obb then after pasting the folder you copy delete the data and cache in the DLS folder you copy then paste the obb file in the DLS folder enjoy

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