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MTN Zambia All Data Plans and Subscription Code

To purchase any of the MTN Zambia data bundle, dial *335#, Select ‘option 1’ for data bundles.

A list of data bundle/ plans will be shown to you, Select a desired plan/bundle, select ‘option 2’ if you would like to buy a monthly auto-renewal bundle, otherwise select ‘option 1’ for a once-off purchase.

MTNZ Hourly Plans
Data Price
5 MB 0.5 ZMK
10 MB 1. 1 ZMK
MTNZ Social App Daily Bundles
Social App Price
Facebook 2.05 ZMK
WhatsApp 3.69 ZMK
Twitter 2.05 ZMK
Wikipedia 2.05 ZMK
WTF 5.13 ZMK
MTNZ Social App Weekly Bundles
Social App Price
Facebook 10.25 ZMK
WhatsApp 10.25 ZMK
Twitter 10.25 ZMK
Wikipedia 10.25 ZMK
WTF 25.63 ZMK
Social App Monthly Bundles
Social App Price
Facebook 51.25 ZMK
WhatsApp 51.25 ZMK
Twitter 51.25 ZMK
Wikipedia 30.75 ZMK
WTF 107.63 ZMK
MTNZ Standard Daily Data Bundles
Data Price
20 MB 2 ZMK
60 MB 3 ZMK
200 MB 5 ZMK
350 MB 7 ZMK
700 MB 10 ZMK
2 GB 25 ZMK
MTNZ Standard Weekly Data Bundles
Data Price
1 GB 25 ZMK
2.5 GB 50 ZMK
6 GB 100 ZMK
8 GB 150 ZMK
MTNZ Standard Monthly Data Bundles
Data Price
1.5 GB 50 ZMK
5 GB 100 ZMK
12 GB 200 ZMK
25 GB 400 ZMK
MTNZ Standard 2 Months/ 60 Days Data Bundles
Data Price
35 GB 700 ZMK
50 GB 900 ZMK
100 GB 1500 ZMK

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