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MTN LUMOS Mobile Electricity Gives 24 Hours/ 7 days Power Supply

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Get 24 Hours/7days Power Supply from MTN LUMOS Mobile Electricity

MTN LUMOS Mobile Electricity is a solar electricity system from MTN Telecommunication Company; the system is capable of powering your home appliances for 24 hours throughout the week without interruption.

MTN LUMOS can power AC appliances rating 60 watts and 220 volts; you can as well use DC devices rating 100 watts and 12 VAC direct with the system.

Appliances The MTN LUMOS Mobile Electricity Can Power.

  • Television
  • Computer systems.
  • Electric Fans.
  • Mobile Phone chargers.
  • Home theatres.
  • Clippers and other AC and DC appliances as rated above.

Appliances The MTN LUMOS Mobile Electricity Cannot Power.

  • Electric Irons.
  • Air Conditioner systems.
  • Electric cookers.
  • Washing Machines.
  • Water Pumps.
  • Ceiling fans and other appliances that are rated above the current ratings listed above.

How to Get MTN LUMOS Mobile Electricity System

With a Valid ID card, Your MTN SIM and details of two willing guarantors, visit any MTN store close to you; SIGNUP and pay a total of 26,000 Naira for the system and the installation fee.

You can get a GUARANTOR here

You can choose any installer at your location here. The installer will be assigned to you for installations of the system at your home.

Subscription Plans for the MTN LUMOS

  • 5 Days Subscription: 1000 Naira.
  • 10 Days Subscription: 1800 Naira.
  • 30 Days Subscription: 4500 Naira.
  • 90 Days Subscription: 12, 600 Naira.
  • 180 Days Subscription: 23, 400 Naira.
  • 365 Days Subscription: 46, 720 Naira.

How to Get Referral Bonus From The LUMOS System

As MTN LUMOS user, whenever you invite a new user, you will be given 14 days of free electricity while the referred will get 7 days of free electricity. You can do this by sending your referrals MTN phone number to 08133134773 through your LUMOS registered MTN phone number. You must include the country code on your referral’s number, for example, if your referral’s number is 08012345678 you must type it in this format 2348012345678 and send to 08133134773, you must send the number before your referral goes for the LUMOS system purchase at MTN store.


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