NTA College JOS Short Proficiency Courses Timetable For 2019

NTA College JOS Short Proficiency Courses Timetable For 2019

Below is the 2019 timetable for NTA College JOS Short Proficiency Courses for interested and qualified Nigerians that wish to broaden their knowledge in the Television broadcasting industry and journalism.

NTA College JOS Short Proficiency Courses Timetable For 2019

Fundamentals of Administration 1ST APRIL, 2019 – 12TH APRIL, 2019 2 Weeks To help admin officers in the improvement of their job performance in line with current trends in administrations
Modern Trends in Broadcast Media Marketing 15TH APRIL, 2019 – 10TH MAY, 2019 4 Weeks To furnish candidates with new and robust skills in dealing with marketing challenges of modern competition in the broadcast media in the country
English Grammar and Pronunciation for Broadcasters 13TH MAY, 2019 – 7TH JUNE, 2019 4 Weeks To enhance candidates pronunciation skills and also equip them with the nitty-gritty of English Grammar and Usage to enable them to speak fluently, write and edit scripts flawlessly.
Television Lighting for Engineers 10TH JUNE, 2019 – 5TH JULY, 2019 4 Weeks To expose candidates to TV studio lighting techniques.
Intermediate On-Line News Reporting Skills 8TH JULY, 2019 – 2ND AUGUST, 2019 4 Weeks To advance and consolidate the basic knowledge acquired by utilizing online media platforms explicitly.
Protocol and Event Management/Public Relations 5TH AUGUST, 2019 – 16TH AUGUST, 2019 2 Weeks To assist candidates to possess a firm grasp of the concept of protocol and the duties and qualities of a protocol officer.
To expose candidates to events management major areas of planning, preparations, and implementations.
Basic Non-Linear Editing Techniques 19TH AUGUST, 2019 – 13TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 4 Weeks To expose candidates to the skills of Non-linear Editing
Digital Studio Equipment Maintenance 16TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 – 11TH OCTOBER, 2019 4 Weeks To expose candidates to the rudiments of operation and maintenance of digital studio equipment
Film Editing and Basic Television Production Techniques 14TH OCTOBER, 2019 – 8TH NOVEMBER, 2019 4 Weeks To expose candidates to the basics of film and Television Production
Archival Management System of the Broadcast Media 11TH NOVEMBER, 2019 – 22ND NOVEMBER, 2019 2 Weeks To augment the Archival management system of the broadcast media




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