Convert DSTV Decoders to Universal Receiver to Watch Any Fta Channels

Convert DSTV Decoders to Universal Receiver to Watch Any FTA Channels

DSTV decoders are high definition satellite TV receivers which are customized by the DSTV company to receive its channels only, thereby making the customers throw the DSTV decoder aside whenever they don’t have enough cash to subscribe for the expensive DSTV packages.

Moreover, DSTV only offers a free view of about 3 uninteresting channels after the expiration of its subscription but worry no more because today I am going to teach you how to utilize that DSTV decoders that you kept behind many years ago because of inability to buy DSTV packages; you will be able to track any free to air channel with your DSTV decoders after reading this post.

One of the greatest advantages of DSTV decoders is that almost all the devices are HD enabled which means you will enjoy more clarified pictures and sounds from the free to air channels on the decoders. Let’s not waste our time on explanations, follow every bit of below guides and enjoy.

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How to Track Any Free to Air Channels On DSTV Decoders

  • Remove the ‘LNB in’ cable at the back of the DSTV decoder.
  • Switch ON the decoder and ignore the message on the TV screen telling you ‘there is no signal’.
  • Press the DSTV/MENU/Blue button on the decoder’s remote controller.
  • While on the menu, go to ‘SETTINGS’.
  • Select ‘NETWORK 1’.
  • Change ‘Enable Network’ to ‘YES’.
  • Now you will notice that other information in the network 1 window is editable.
  • Go to the frequency and input the free to air satellite TV frequency you want to track.
  • Go to symbol rate and input the symbol rate digits.
  • Change the polarization to that of the satellite you want to track.
  • Go to the satellite dish and track for the signal.
  • After you must have received the signal; select ‘SCAN THIS’.
  • Wait for the scanning to complete.
  • Upon the completion of the scanning; press ‘221’ on the remote controller.
  • Press and go to the channel ‘GRID’ and you will see the free to air channels added to the list.
  • Select the channel you want to watch and enjoy.

You can use DiSEqC with DSTV decoder if you want to connect more than 1 satellite dish, but you must input the satellite you want to watch in Disecq 1 or A.

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I so much enjoyed your post on how to convert a dstv decoder to a free to view. It was really amazing to see how good it was. More Grace to your elbow.

Yes, after inputting the frequency and symbol rate and want to track, I guess you are not an installer so don’t try if you don’t know what you are doing.

Nope because DSTv decoders won’t accept diseq which is used in joining more than one satellite/dish together

let’s assume I want to track the likes of TVC NEWS, SILVER BIRD how do I go about the parameters, is there anyway you can trow a light on that.

There are stations that comes with each frequency so don’t try doing it yourself if you ain’t an installer because there would still be works done on the satellite dish.

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