Racksterly Registration, Review & How To Make Money In Racksterly

Racksterly Registration, Review And How To Make Money In Racksterly

Racksterly is the latest advertisement network of which many people are currently making lots and easy cash.

This article will emphasize on how Racksterly works, how to make easy cash from Racksterly and Racksterly registration procedures. Without a long story let’s see how it works.


How Racksterly Works

Racksterly as acclaimed is a new advertising platform of which a registered member rents out his or her Facebook timeline space for a given advertisement on daily basis and certain amount of money is awarded to the member once the given advert is been posted on his/her Facebook timeline and the total accumulated money is paid directly into the member’s bank account on monthly basis.

This simply means that many individuals and companies like Jumia, Slotlimited, Konga, Guinness, etc. pay Racksterly to advertise and market their products for them and Racksterly pays you a fraction from the advertisement fees to post the given adverts on your Facebook timeline at least once per day and you are paid directly to your registered bank account every month.

Referral Bonus

Not only that; members have chances of earning even more through a referral program which means when a member invites a new member using his or her link the member earns more money and each member may decide not to participate in the referral program and still earn handsomely.

Racksterly Registration/ Register Racksterly/ Racksterly Login

  • Click HERE to visit the registration portal.
  • Sign up with your correct details.
  • Choose any desired registration plan (plans are listed below).
  • Pay for the subscription fee and upload your account details.
  • Once you are confirmed you will see a series of advertisements from different companies and individuals.
  • You are required to post just one advert on your timeline each day, not more not less.
  • After posting, check your dashboard and you would notice you have been credited for that day’s advert and you keep repeating the process until it’s one month and the total accrued money will be paid directly into your registered bank account.

Racksterly Registration Packages

Plan Name Subscription Fee Daily Earning Monthly Earning
Dew $18
Drizzle $25
Storm $45
Typhoon $75

Note: The subscription is monthly although nothing to worry about because you are earning more than subscribed so I believe this new platform is worth giving a trial.

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