Easy Way to Make Your Internet Devices Consume Less Data Irrespective of the Provider


Easy Way to Make Your Internet Devices Consume Less Data Irrespective of the Provider

Are you fed up with the rate your mobile phones especially android and windows devices use to wipe out your internet data subscription often? This is caused by unnecessary apps running in the background.

Don’t worry I am going to show you a simple trick on how to make your 1GB data subscription stay up to one month on your android or windows phones because nobody wants to spend all their money on data subscription.

In Africa where there is not enough Wi-Fi connection, Data subscription price is quite expensive, Just follow procedures below and enjoy the little data you can afford.


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Procedures to Make Your Data Subscription Last Longer

  • Go to your phone’s SETTING
  • Select DATA USAGE
  • Then click on the two up and down ARROW on the right of any app that the usage of internet data is irrelevant to you.
  • Three options will pop out; click on the OFF option to restrict the app from using your connection.
  • Do this to all the irrelevant apps on your phone to save your internet data from being used in the background.
  • Whenever you want to allow the app to have access to your internet connection just repeat the process and select ON

When you do these and leave the frequently used apps like Whatsapp, chrome and Facebook app, it will come to your notice that your device internet data consumption will be very low.

With this process, you can as well turn off all those annoying apps like themes and launchers that pop out unwanted ads.

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