Satview Network TV Frequency, Channels, Decoder Price, & Others

satview netwok tv frequency

Satview Network TV Frequency, Channels, Decoder Price, & Other Information

Satview Network TV is a free satellite TV provider which currently air over 50 premium channels based on Direct-To-Home (DTH) with channel genre varieties including movies, sports, dramas, kids, and education.

The Satview Network TV is receivable nationwide with over 50 premium channels which are expected to grow to up to 200 channels.

Satview Network TV is a monthly subscription free except for the Satview Movies Box Office which is an optional paid service that worth your money because you will be allowed to watch the newest and hottest movies in the comfort of your home just like cinema.

All you need to enjoy the Satview Network free satellite TV channels is to make a one-time purchase of the receiver kits of which the prices are as follows:

Satview Decoder/ Installation Kit Prices

  1. Dish and HD Decoder: ₦16,999.00
  2. HD Decoder: ₦9,999.00

After purchasing one of the above receiver/ installation kits here, find a trained installer who will make the installation with the below Satview Network TV Frequency and other details.


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Satview Network TV Frequency And Other Details

  • Direction: 45 Degrees East
  • Frequency: 12.732
  • Symbol Rate: 07.500
  • Polarity: H

Currently, these details can be used to receive Satview Channels on any universal decoder until 1st May 2021 which is the official launching date when Satview set up box must be required in order to continue viewing the Satview TV channels.

Satview Network Channels

Below is the over 50 channels currently aired by the Satview Network as the channels is expected to grow to 200 channels in the long run.


CH NO Channels
100 Satview Network Info
101 Wawu
102 Dexterity TV Entm.
103 Tanger TV
104 Family Network Africa
105 Comedy Channel
106 Game Show 24
151 Telenovela 24
152 Blockbuster 24
153 Tele Series 24
154 Bollywood 24
155 Nollywood 24
156 Chinaland 24
157 Afro Series 24
201 TN2
202 Business Plus TV
203 TVC News
251 Juniors Network
252 Keens Network
253 Spin TV
301 The Sports Channel
302 SportON
351 Gbedu
352 D vibes
401 Kindom Africa
402 Dove TV
403 MFM TV
404 Love World
451 Docu TV 24
452 Lifestyle 24
453 Reality TV 24
454 Fit fam TV 24
455 Food Network 24
456 Animal Network 24
457 CSTV
458 Eventful
459 Connect TV
460 Soundless TV 24
501 Amuludum
502 Ngwunu
503 Nasken Rana
504 Mozuti
505 Mozuti 2
506 Ijaw TV
507 Ibibio TV
508 Kanuri TV
509 Tiv TV
560 Fulfude TV
551 NTAi
552 ARTV – Kano
601 D Mall
602 Realty 24
603 Tips TV
651 TV School Pre-School
652 TV School Primary 1
653 TV School Primary 2
654 TV School Primary 3
655 TV School Primary 4
656 TV School Primary 5
657 TV School Primary 6
658 TV School JSS 1
659 TV School JSS 1
660 TV School JSS 3
661 TV School SS 1
662 TV School SS 2
663 TV School SS 3
664 TV School A – Levels

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  1. I I do hope this satview will give Nigerias what they want from provider.
    Sports must be given consideration ,we are lovers of football.
    I wish the company a successful operation in Nigeria.

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