How To Cook Yam Porridge – Step By Step


How To Cook Yam Porridge – Step By Step

Yam Porridge is a kind of delicacy eaten by the Nigerians of West Africa. As the name implies it is being prepared with yam tuber.

Yam Porridge is very simple, economical and easy to cook food which is highly nutritional in carbohydrate which breaks down to release the energy required for the harsh day by day activities of most Nigerians.

Without much ado let’s delve into the list of ingredients used in cooking the porridge before moving down to the cooking process.


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Ingredients Used In Cooking The Porridge

  • Yam Tuber
  • Palm Oil
  • Onions
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Pepper (fresh/dry)
  • Seasoning (Maggi)
  • Fish (optional)

How To Cook Yam Porridge

Peel the yam, wash and cut into a rectangular shape and desired size.

Grind the crayfish and fresh or dry pepper.

Cut the onions.

Put the chopped yams in a cooking pot and pour some clean water to the yam level.

Put the pot on the cooking fire and add the ground crayfish and pepper.

Add enough onions because it is among the ingredients that make the porridge yam so delicious if added much.

Cook until the yam gets soft (not so soft), turn the cooking food from time to time to make the water become thicker and bring down the pot from the fire and serve while hot or when cold depending on how you prefer it because; some people like hot while some like it is cold.

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