Something Went wrong Error On NASIMS Portal, Fix It & Other Problems

Something Went wrong

Something Went wrong Error On NASIMS Portal And How To Fix Every Other Problems

If you are glitched with the ‘Something Went wrong Please Try Again’ error message or you are unable to receive a reset link to your email plus other problem faced while validating your profile as well as updating your details in the Npower NASIMS portal including the following:

  • BVN Information Did Not Match error message.
  • Phone Number Did Not Match error message.
  • Submit button not clickable.
  • Can’t find your NASIMS ID and Password.

All these error and problems shall be treated here with the solution given, so search no more as you are in the right place.

Without many stories let us proceed the foremost problem which is likely to be encountered in the NASIMS portal which as follows:

How To Fix Something Went Wrong Error In Npower NASIMS Website Plus Other Problems


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Unable To Receive A Reset Link

  • Ensure you are using the right email used in the former Npower application portal.
  • Check the Spam or Junk folder in your email.
  • Try in the midnight hours.
  • Wait for 24 hours because a time it’s delayed by the server because of excess workload.

Something Went Wrong Please Try Again Error

This error is likely to occur while creating a new password and it’s caused by excessive server workload so follow the below guidelines to fix this.

  • Disregard the error message and login with the new password but if greeted with ‘Incorrect Password’ follow the next solutions.
  • Use a stronger internet connection say 4G.
  • Try multiple times with the same password.
  • Try in the midnight hours.

BVN Information Did Not Match Error Message

  • Ensure your first name is the same as the one used in your BVN likewise your Surname.
  • Ensure your fate of birth is the same as the one used in your BVN.
  • Include 234 in your phone number to make 08123456789 to become 2348123456789.

Submit Button Not Clickable

This problem is like to occur while you are trying to update your details and the solutions are as follows:

  • Make sure you have uploaded all the requested documents and information.
  • Make sure non of the scanned documents is more than 200kb.
  • Endeavor to upload your passport even though it’s showing.

Can’t Find Your NASIMS ID And Password

You may encounter this problem while trying to write your Npower Test.

  • The NASIMS will be displayed immediately after you update your details so be careful enough to screenshot or copy it out.
  • Your NASIMS test portal password is the same one used to log into your dashboard.

If all these solutions are properly used I believe there would be nothing to restrain you from taking your Npower Test.

You can read everything you must know about the Npower Test and how to write it successfully here.

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