Track Multitv & Mbc Channels @ Badrsat 26°E With One Dish & Lnb

Mbc channels

Track Multitv & Mbc Channels @ Badrsat 26°E With One Dish & Lnb

If you are a satellite TV fan or movie lover I believe you know about Mbc channels such as mbc1, mbc2, Mbc3, mbc4, mbc max, mbc action, and Bollywood.

In this post, I will show you how to easily track and receive free Mbc channels using a 60cm satellite dish at Badrsat 26 degrees East, KU-band.

Also, you will learn how to track and combine the mbc channels with multitv channels using one satellite TV dish and one lnb because both satellite positions are very close and are in the same direction.


How To Track Only Mbc Channels @ Badrsat 26° E

To successfully receive the mbc channels at Badrsat 26 degrees East, a minimum of 60cm satellite TV dish is required.

Firstly you will have to track using:
Freq: 12303
Pol: H
S/Rate: 27500
Position: 26° E

When you hit the signal using the above tracking details, make sure your signal quality is up to 75%, now blinds can your decoder or simply input mbc frequency: 12265, polarization: H, symbol rate: 27500, and scan.

How To Track Multitv Channels And Mbc Channels With One Dish & One Lnb

As multi-TV is positioned at Astra 28.2 degrees east and Mbc at Badrsat 26 degrees east, both satellites can be received using a single satellite TV dish and single KU-band lnb because they are very close to each other, to achieve this successfully just follow below guidelines.

First and foremost, Multitv must be tracked using:
Frequency: 12522
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 30000
Position: 28° E

When the signal is locked with the above tp, make sure your signal quality is up to 80% and then input Mbc frequency: 12303, polarization: H, symbol rate: 27500.

Now, slowly lift up your satellite dish while your eyes are focused on the signal meter and you will hit the Mbc signal at Badrsat 26 degrees East.

But if the mbc signal was not gotten, drag down the satellite dish back to the Multitv Astra 28.2 degrees East and try your best to increase the signal quality to the minimum of 82%.

Now tight the elevation from behind the dish and move the dish i.e (azimuth) to the right until the signal drops to 75%.

Then input Mbc TP at Badrsat 12303 H 27500 and slightly lift the elevation and you will hit the signal.

Lastly, try to balance the multi tv and badrsat signal quality to 70% each using your discretion and lnb screwing.

Note: You can use a single dish and separate lnb for each satellite if the single lnb didn’t work properly for you.

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      1. Apart from Astra 28. 2 or badrsat 26. What other signals can be use as well.
        How can i increase my signal using a manual settings. Thanks

        1. Thank u for description on multi TV and MBC on a single will be better if u can post picture and description on how to installed multi TV and MBC on two lnb on a single dish.I m interest to do that pls…thanks

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