How to Fix Google De-indexed WebPages and Disappeared Posts


How to Fix Google De-indexed WebPages and Disappeared Posts

Has your Google indexed WebPages suddenly start dropping regularly on your Google webmasters tools or is your indexed WebPages nowhere to be found on the Google search engine as usual?

This can be quite frustrating and discouraging but do not worry because I am going to teach you how to fix this problem and get your WebPages re-indexed within few hours and get them back to their usual position in Google search engine, or even move higher than its previous position.

How do you know your Google indexed WebPages has been de-indexed?

Whenever you noticed a sudden drop in your site traffic, you searched for the keywords you used to track your WebPages on the search engine and they are not there, go to your webmasters’ tools, select your site and check if your indexed WebPages are dropping on your Sitemaps graph, check the Crawl Error graph as well.

What causes Google de-indexing of WebPages?

De-indexing of WebPages can be caused by two factors namely; Crawl Errors and Policy Violation Punishment.

Crawl Errors are the issue that commonly causes Google de-indexing; this kind of issue is detected by the Googlebot while crawling your site, if this is the case you will be notified by the Googlebot on the Crawl Error graph in your webmasters’ tools and if action is not taken within an interval of time, the Googlebot will start de-indexing your WebPages because it assumed the site is no longer in existence.

Causes of Crawl Error issues

  • Server problem (server downtime or misconfiguration;).
  • Broken Links (Removed posts, abnormal links created by plugins and all sorts of a linking problem)

Policy Violation Punishment is rare and the worst, detecting and fixing this kind of issue is very hard because you won’t be informed on what your penalty is all about until an external tool is employed to detect the cause.

Causes of Google Policy Violation

  • Duplication of Contents.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Spamming of links and others.


How to fix Google de-indexed WebPages

Here I am going to treat only the Crawl Errors because you can only cure sickness with a diagnosis. I assumed you have checked the Crawl Error graph in your Google webmasters tools and have seen the error or broken links.

  • Copy the link from the Crawl Error graph (that’s if it is an unimportant link such as a broken link from deleted or trashed WebPages).
  • In your Google webmasters tools, go to Google Index.
  • Select Remove URLs.
  • Click on Temporarily Hide.
  • Enter or paste the link.
  • Tap Continue and tap Submit Request.
  • Now go back to the menu and click on Crawl.
  • Select Sitemaps.
  • Delete the old sitemap.
  • Add new sitemap, e.g. sitemap.xml

You will notice within few minutes of adding these Googlebot will remove the error and broken links you added for removal and within few hours it will re-crawl your site and re-index your WebPages and put them back to their respective positions in the search engine.

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