29 Comments on “La Buena Vida The Good Life Make Millions To Sponsor Your Business”

  1. La Buena Vida, the good life, is a non governmental initiative that helps people to live the good life in fast changing economic landscape, it offers lifestyle, cashflow generation, exotic vacation, real estate and many more. I enjoyed La Buena Vida.

      1. I have seen this la buena vida on my Facebook book, so I decided to google it. And now I see. It seems interesting and genuine. I have checked the WhatsApp group it’s full, so I couldn’t join. How do I get to know more of this.?

  2. Good day Labuenavida, I am a fibreglass expert specialist in building sea boat, stadium sit,car accessories, table and chairs, roofing sheet, dispatch box, and promotional items for companies…. but most materials needed is not in Nigeria and am not financially boyant to carry out all this beautiful project.if management and staff of Labuenavida can help me I will be glad and grateful thanks sir

  3. Hi la beuna vida am also a member but am still studying so haw can you help me to become a millionai.

  4. Hi, I really want to know what this la buena Vida is all about please and how can one join or no more about la buena Vida thanks

    1. Hello, have you been able to join the La Buena Vida, if no, come to the WhatsApp group for more information

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