8 Comments on “RAGP, Recharge And Get Paid Registration For Extra Daily Income”


    *Another amazing way to earn hugely from this uniquely rewarding Telecom business is through the accumulation of PVs*

    *PV* means *POINT VALUE*

    *These are the POINTS that comes with your REGISTRATION PACKAGE and as well your team*

    *You will not only earn the Referral or Registration Commissions from your team members, the Point Value attached to the package is also received WHICH will count for you over time*

    *When it accumulates to 10K PV… in a month, you will receive N100,000 Leadership Bonus*

    *If you do not meet the 10K PV in a month, it will be rolled over to the next month, and as it increases to 25000 PV, you will receive 500K DUBAI TRIP FUND*

    *As it increases over to 60K PV again, you’re given 2M small Car Fund.*

    *So it keeps accumulating till your 6M Housing Fund*

    You can join the WhatsApp group to know mre

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